Q. So you’ve created a British style pub in Santa Cruz?

A. No. We serve British ales in a Santa Cruz atmosphere. We’re not a “British themed” restaurant. However, we have a comfortable “public room” feel that all generations feel welcome in.

Q. The session ales serves means no IPA, right?

A. No. There are a wide variety of styles in British ales, and IPA (originally made by Brits for export to India) is one of them. Additionally, we will have Irish styles, such as dry stout, and we are experimenting with bringing together American and British ingredients in interesting ways in order to produce interesting hybrid recipes.

Q. Will you be serving wine and/or ciders?

A. Initially we wont be able to because of the type of alcohol license we have, but we hope to serve wine and cider as we grow.

Q. How many beers do you have available?

A. We currently have 7 cask conditioned ales and 5 keg ales. We will be adding more to each variety over time.

Roundabout ESB at East Cliff Brewing Company